A Dubai-based domestic worker and driver are being tried for having "illicit sex" in their employer's villa, Khaleej Times reported

The 32-year-old Filipina worker allegedly let her 30-year-old lover, an Indian man, into their sponsor's home "so that they could have sex," on June 29. 

Days later, their employer found out about the affair and reported it to police. Since it's illegal to have sex outside of marriage in the UAE, they now face jail sentences.

Other than being charged with having an illegal sexual relationship, the man was also accused of trespassing, since he lived in a room outside the home and was not allowed indoors. 

After appearing before court, the couple's case was adjourned to September 19. 

The couple's employer shared details of the case in court

In his statement to prosecutors, the duo's employer, a 74-year-old retired armed forces officer, shared details of how he found out about their affair. 

He accused the domestic worker of betraying his trust, as he'd left her in charge of his home every time he travelled to spend weekends in Ras Al Khaimah.

"I heard from a relative she had pictures of herself with a Filipino man in my villa posted on social media. I checked her Facebook account and was surprised to see the pictures she had taken with a stranger in the living room and the main hall," he said

He also added that he caught the current pair together after installing surveillance inside and around his home.

The employer confronted the couple before he went to police

When the UAE employer and his wife confronted the domestic worker with the evidence they had gathered, she didn't deny the affair.

She also went on to say that this wasn't the only relationship she had during the six years she spent in their house. 

"She confessed to me and my wife that she used to get a Filipino man inside our house and she used to have sex there. She also told us that she would go on trips with another compatriot maid with the two men to Al Fujairah and for shopping at malls in Dubai," the man said. 

He also explained that the defendant "came clean" about jewelry she had stolen from the family. 

Both defendants in the case admitted to the charges filed against them before they were referred to court.