Egyptian TV series "Ragel w Set Settat" (A Man and Six Women) caused quite the stir online earlier this week. 

This came after the show's lead actress, Lekaa El Khamissi, shared the latest season's poster on her Facebook page to announce its premiere on MBC Masr.

On the spread, the long-standing show's title is written with a pun on an Arabic letter (و) that looks like the number nine, which is then followed by the number six.

Since the number 69 often connotes a specific sexual position, people went into a complete meltdown over the poster, deeming it inappropriate. 

Even though the logo featured on the show's ad isn't new, hundreds have now picked up on it again. 

It all started when El Khamissi posted this on Facebook

Just hours after she first uploaded the poster on Facebook, social media users shared it on Twitter and Instagram, where it went completely viral.

A few people saw nothing wrong with the poster

"I see a normal photo, nothing out of the ordinary."

Others just couldn't even though

"Is what's written here 'A man and six women,' or is my filthy imagination making me see a completely different thing?"

Many reacted to the whole thing with humor

"The designer who made this ad is a true infidel." 

The poster made some realize how naive they are

"I just discovered how well-mannered I  am. This whole 69 thing on the poster of 'A Man and Six Women' didn't even cross my mind." 

Trolling level: Egyptian

"No, what's written here is 'A man and six women," but it's you who's being naughty and sarcastic."

Al Khamissi has since responded to the controversy

Amid the intense backlash, Al Khamissi responded to the controversy in a comment she left under her original post. 

In it, she wrote:

"The designer of our show's logo, photographer Sherif Amar, creatively put it together. There's nothing more to it. Thank you for understanding."

Even though the actress did receive hundreds of vile comments asking her to delete her post, she refused to do so.