For years, people have been trying to mess with our cherished cuisine. From "green burgers" posing as falafel to cauliflower tabbouleh ... there seems to be no end to it. 

BuzzFeed's very own food blog, Tasty, has joined in on the trend. This week, Tasty attempted to make "mdardara" sound pretty fancy in a video uploaded to Twitter.

"Lentils and rice cooked together with herbs and spices, topped with caramelized onions," the caption on the post reads.

The video ultimately made the rounds on the micro-blogging platform, for reasons that have nothing to do with taste buds.

Correction: Mdardara****

More than one correction ...

"Why don't you call it what it is?"

Fights over the name of the dish ensued

Fancy mjadara?

"Mjadara has never sounded more fancy"

"GUYS, Americans have just discovered mdardara"

Welcome to 2018

"My grandma beat you guys to it"

"Add macaroni and it's kushari"