On Wednesday, Saudi Arabia's national team lost yet another World Cup match - however, this time it was one goal, not five, that led to their defeat.

The Green Falcons lost 1-0 after Luis Suárez scored a goal during the first half of the game, sending Uruguay into the last 16 of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. 

The result means that even if the Saudi national team wins against Egypt on June 25, they are no longer eligible to compete in the final stages of the tournament.

Many are calling Suárez' goal an "absolute gift" from Saudi goalkeeper Mohammed al-Owais, who gave way to an open net during the game.

"Are you just looking at the football?"

As soon as the game came to an end, many social media users began their own form of commentary on the match... 

Of course, humor dominated the conversation. 

Suárez's hand gesture became the topic of discussion

Kabsa to the rescue?

"The Saudi defense plan in today's game against Uruguay"

Football match or core strengthening?

Or was it a Ping Pong in disguise?

"Uruguay is playing against WhatsApp"

Some think Saudi Arabia should've "borrowed" Mohamed Salah

The match explained through a video

"Let's talk about poetry, literature and life ... not sports"

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"In all fairness, they did their best today"

But, this pretty much sums up Arab teams' performance so far