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If you thought the list of bizarre Arab divorces couldn't get any more ridiculous, you're sadly mistaken.

In the latest case that's now making the rounds online, a Saudi groom divorced his bride just one night before they officially celebrated their union in the kingdom's northwestern region of Tabuk, all because her sister posted Snap videos of the wedding preparations. 

According to Al Anba newspaper, the footage captured the bride and her sisters happily getting ready for the big day but ended up angering the groom.  

The couple had already married in a religious ceremony and will now have to get a divorce after the union was called off.

The Snapchat divorce is all over Twitter

As the news circulated online many reacted to it with shock. 

While some tried to blame the bride for allowing her sister to post Snap videos, others thought the groom overreacted to the entire incident.

Here's a little of what people had to say:

Some tried to blame the bride

"Do people have to see your happiness and celebrations?"

Others thought Snapchat was just an excuse used by the groom

"It can't be over this, maybe he just wanted out and didn't know how to excuse himself." 

Many were left completely speechless

And were on the bride's side

"God saved her from this man before she got in trouble." 

Not the first Arab Snapchat divorce

Believe it or not, this isn't the first time Snapchat causes an Arab couple to separate. 

Earlier last year, a Jordanian man divorced his wife because she wanted to post photos of their food on Snapchat before they ate during a restaurant outing. 

According to Al Arab news site, the husband was angered by the fact that his wife took "too long" to film their food, even though she knew he was hungry. 

After he stopped her from filming, the duo got into a heated argument, which ended with the wife biting her husband's arm. He then divorced her right in the middle of the restaurant and left.