Source: Ajel

Anywhere in the world, women dancing at a concert is an ordinary thing, except in Saudi Arabia. 

Proof of that is the outrage caused by footage capturing Saudi women enjoying themselves and dancing at a concert held in Arar governorate's Al Beijan Resort on Monday.

The video went viral on Saudi Twitter just hours after it was first uploaded, infuriating hundreds of tweeps who felt the women violated the ultra-conservative kingdom's rules and social norms.

Others accused the resort, where the concert was held, of hosting a mix-gender event, something that is strictly prohibited in the country. 

Organizers have since issued a statement on the matter

Amid the intense Twitter backlash, the resort's manager, Badr Al Shemmari, issued a statement on the matter.

Speaking to Ajel news site, the manager said people had misinterpreted the viral footage. 

"People thought the concert was mix-gender because of the angle through which the video was shot. But this isn't the truth. There were several platforms separating men and women at the event," he explained. 

Al Shemmari also added that most women attending the concert were the "Sheyla" (traditional Khaleeji-Saudi singing style) singer's relatives. 

However, even after this statement circulated on Twitter, many hit back at it accusing the resort's management of trying to cover up the incident. 

Some continue to offensively attack the women who were at the concert

"If women become shameless, this country is doomed."

Hitting back at the resort management's statement

"I respect all responses and opinions except those stating that these men weren't on the same platform as the women. The performer, the man filming the footage, and the other one calling on the audience to clap, aren't they men?" 

With more footage

"OK, how would you respond to this footage?"

"This is saddening"

Not everyone is attacking the concert though

"I don't think this violates any rules but unfortunately there are those bringing it up to stir up controversy and that's just unacceptable. Women have the right to enjoy themselves. Their platform here was separate from men attending the concert so let's just let go of these regressive ideas. All entertainment being offered to people in the kingdom is suitable for everyone."

"Why are you making such a big deal out of this?"

Some are rightfully defending the women

"How is this any of your business, dancing and enjoying themselves is the least of their rights. They didn't do anything wrong. When will you become civilized human beings???"

"Your misery is caused by women's happiness"

"May you live in misery and may women enjoy themselves then."