On Thursday, people across the globe tuned in to the opening match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which saw Russia beat Saudi Arabia with a 5-0 score. 

Soon after the football match was over, an image of Russia's President, Vladamir Putin, and Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, began making the rounds online. 

In it, Putin can be seen shrugging heavily before leaning in to shake hands with Saudi Arabia's crown prince. Separating the two leaders is FIFA's President, Gianni Infantino. 

The photo was reportedly taken after the first goal by Russia's Yury Gazinsky, 12 minutes into the game.

People on social media couldn't help but make a meme out of the moment.

"After the first Russian goal"

Putin: "It is what it is"

"Is there a Ritz-Carlton in Russia?"

"Excuse me, but Eid is waiting"

Putin: "You should be grateful it's just a football match"

Some began imagining conversations

Some of the most random conversations, really

Creativity taken to another level

One word: "Ma3lesh"

U.S. President Donald Trump was brought into the discussion

Remember, "it's just a game"