As Saudi Arabia revitalizes its tourism industry, one of the kingdom's most historic sites is gaining some much-deserved attention. 

Al-Ula, a governorate isolated in the desert of the country's northwestern region, has now become a touristic hotspot of the sorts. This doesn't come as much of a surprise given that the city features tens of sights to behold. 

Its breathtaking landscapes and wondrous rock formations are now central to captivating images and social media posts uploaded by tourists descending on the popular holiday destination. 

Here are a few of the most incredible Al-Ula clicks:

1. Picturesque rock formations

Al-Ula is home to the kingdom's first UNESCO World Heritage Site — Madain Saleh (Hegra).

The city is considered an "archaeological marvel — boasting golden sandstone canyons, colossal arches, and rock formations." 

2. A wondrous spot

Al-Ula's expansive history runs 7,000 years back and has been home to several ancient civilizations like the Neolithic, the Roman, and the Ottoman. 

3. No wonder tourists are flocking there

The city's popularity is rising among influencers and tourists alike. Most people visiting the kingdom for the first time have it on their must-visit list. 

4. Al-Ula's hot air balloons are a painting in the sky

Hot air balloon rides are offered to tourists descending on Al-Ula and the activity has become a favorite among visitors. 

5. Best photo backdrop?

Sun rays, golden sand, and unique rock formations. Need we say more?

6. Al-Ula by night

The region's starry sky naturally lights up boulders, making Al-Ula one terrific place for night-time photoshoots.

7. The famous elephant rock

One of the most popular rock formations in the area, the elephant rock is a hotspot all by itself. 

8. Dinner in the desert

Pop-up cafés and restaurants often open in Al-Ula and give visitors the opportunity to enjoy candle-lit dinners under the stars.  

People spending the night there in caravans, tents, or special units put up for overnight stays go out stargazing post-dinner.  

9. Al-Ula's events are something else

Al-Ula was the setting of the kingdom's "Winter in Tantora" festival last year. 

A host of Arab and international celebs including Andrea Bocelli, Lang Lang, and Majida El-Roumi descended on the city and performed concerts on the backdrop of its natural scenery. 

10. A futuristic tourist destination

By 2023, the city will be home to three luxurious eco-hotels designed by renowned architect Jean Nouvel, the visionary behind Abu Dhabi's Louvre museum. 

The hotels are set to solidify Al-Ula's destination as a tourist attraction.