Andrea Bocelli, Andrea Bocelli in Saudi Arabia, Andrea Bocelli in shemagh
Andrea Bocelli Source: Twitter/da7am4455

On Friday, Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli wowed Saudi audiences at a concert held as part of the country's Winter at Tantora festival

During his time on stage, the popular tenor performed some of his most popular hits and expressed his excitement at visiting the kingdom.

"This is my first time to perform in Saudi Arabia, and I'm very pleased with the great reception and hospitality I received from the organizers and the wonderful audience here," he said.

Bocelli's performance was amazingly received by Saudis, but to many, the highlight of the night was when the popular tenor stepped out on stage donning a shemagh (traditional men's headdress in the kingdom).

Bocelli's performance was held at Al-Ula's Maraya Concert Hall, but millions were able to watch it live on MBC channel.

Both people at the concert and at home were quick to notice the Italian singer's shemagh and had a lot of praise for it. 

Everyone noticed how Bocelli was embracing Saudi fashion

Saudis simply loved it

Bocelli's shemagh went viral

"The Saudi outfit is beautiful on you"

"The Saudi version of Andrea Bocelli"

Saudi Arabia's year of entertainment is on a roll

Last month, Turki Al Al-Sheikh - Saudi Arabia's newly appointed General Entertainment Authority chairman - unveiled a program aimed at making 2019 the kingdom's "year of entertainment."

As part of the new plan, the authority announced it will be licensing and organizing functions on a scale never seen before in the kingdom. 

In the week after the program was revealed, the kingdom hosted two concerts as part of its first-ever International Golf Tournament.

The performances featured international star Mariah Carey, DJ Tiesto, Jamaican singer Sean Paul, and Yemeni-Emirati singer Balqees.

The authority seems to be on a roll and is set to continue organizing and supporting festivals, concerts, and huge sports events across the kingdom. 

Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia

In 2016, Saudi Arabia established its General Entertainment Authority in a bid to enhance several of the country's sectors and industries.

In the few months after its launch, the kingdom's cultural and entertainment scenes started changing and are now evolving further. 

All decisions and moves made by the authority came as part of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, an initiative focused on diversifying the country's economy.