Over the weekend, Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah lost his sh*t ... and shirt ... after scoring a goal against Manchester United. The footballer tossed his jersey away in front of the crowd at the Anfield stadium. Croatian footballer Dejan Lovren couldn't help but troll his Liverpool teammate for "mistakenly" sending him a photo of that topless moment on WhatsApp ... or as The Sun put it, WhatsAb. 

Liverpool secured a 2-0 win over Manchester United on Sunday; one goal was put in by Virgil van Dijk, while another was scored by Salah. 

But Salah's triumphant moment soon turned into an embarrassing one after Lovren leaked their WhatsApp exchange in an Instagram post. The latter has since garnered over 340,000 likes on the platform. 

The Croatian footballer started the conversation by congratulating Salah, who then shared a photo of his physique with the former. 

What started as a simple "bravo brate" with two hearts and a prayer emoji quickly turned into a mockery. After Lovren received the topless photo, he asked the proud six-pack owner: "What do you want me to say?" to which the latter replied: "No nothing I sent it by mistake." 

Sure, it was a "mistake" alright because forwarding a topless photo happens all the time in the WhatsApp world (no it doesn't). He's flaunting his ripped body on Twitter, so what makes us believe he wasn't bragging about his six-pack on WhatsApp, too? 

It's not the first time Lovren has poked fun at Salah's steel-cut body confidence. Last year, a similar exchange between the two footballers also made the cut on WhatsApp ... and then a screenshot of it was posted on the gram. 

At the time, Salah also claimed it was a mistake. So it's either a tactic he's been using to send people topless photos of his chiseled chest or he's just not good friends with technology.