Every single time Rihanna and her Saudi bae Hassan Jameel step out, they send people on social media into a complete frenzy

Things weren't so different earlier this week after news broke that the two were spending a weekend in Boston. 

According to People Magazine, Rihanna and Jameel "were spotted at some of the city’s most popular restaurants over the weekend." 

Other news reports stated the couple also went on a bowling date night. 

Even though no photos of the couple have surfaced online, people still had a whole lot to say. 

Naturally, news of the trip flooded Twitter

And broke the platform...

A few fans completely lost it

Some were desperate for photos of the duo

"Still no pics at all? NOTHING?"

Since there were no photos, people did this...

And also imagined the couple's Halloween costumes

Some found evidence of the trip...

They're still going strong...

The couple that always breaks the internet