Just when we all thought the "Despacito" craze was dying out, a Lebanese singer proved us all wrong. 

Wajdi Kassas, a Lebanese performer, released a music video for his cover of the song and let's just say, it hasn't hit the right note with people. 

Posted on Youtube on October 26, the song has since gone viral, garnering 245,551 at time of writing.  

While the cover's Arabic lyrics slightly confused people, they weren't the only thing that was off. 

The cover's music video is set in a fish market

People just can't even...

Many went into a complete meltdown

"Is this for real?"

"Please tell me this is just a way of making fun of the real one"

We're all so confused

"I don't get it, what does a fish market have to do with all this?"

"Decpacito or Despacito?"

Adeela also chimed in...

"Eh el maya3a di?"

Not everyone seems to hate the video though...

"It's great." 

Watch the full cover here: