It's been a few weeks since Rihanna and her Saudi beau, Hassan Jameel, first started making headlines and they've been in the news ever since. 

Last week, paparazzi images of the duo, captured during an outing in London, started making the rounds online.

Soon after, Arab tweeps noticed something pretty unusual.

Jameel was wearing a hat with the word 'hayawan' - Arabic for 'animal' - printed on it.

Naturally, this sent people into a social media meltdown of the sorts. 

"Is it just me or does his cap say Hayawan??"

No, it definitely says 'hayawan'

People are so confused

"Is this a brand? Is it a curse word? What exactly is this?" 

Not even international media picked up on it

But seriously now... why?

People have explanations...

Latest fashion trend?

"That's my hayawan"