On Tuesday, as part of the Janadriyah Festival, Saudi Arabia's King Salman attended the kingdom's annual festivities in celebration of the traditional Saudi Arda dance. 

The Arda dance is a traditional folkloric performance that was carried out during times of war and victory, according to Al Arabiya but is now the official dance of the kingdom.

Saudi photographer Bandar Algaloud shared the now-viral photos of the celebrations on Twitter and Instagram, capturing King Salman in the midst of it all. 

The event came as part of the 32nd National Festival of Heritage and Culture, which took place at the Saudi Pavilion in Riyadh. 

The dance is performed during all different types of festivities, including weddings as well as national and cultural events.

Normally, two rows of men stand opposite one another, carrying and waving a sword or cane in the air, as drums and spoken poetry take place in the backdrop.

The son of the Saudi Ambassador to Washington celebrated alongside the king

The son of the Saudi Ambassador to Washington, Abdulaziz bin Khalid bin Salman, carried a sword and danced alongside King Salman during the festivities. 

Abdulaziz wore the traditional Arda dress as he danced and chanted words with the king.

Many were quick to point out "scenes of reconciliation" during the Arda celebration

"God bless him"

Not the first time the king flaunts his dance moves

In 2016, King Salman showed off his stellar dance moves in Doha, performing the Arda dance at a celebratory welcome performance by a Qatari folklore band.