Saudi Arabia's King Salman showed off his stellar dance moves in Doha on Monday.

He energetically displayed his nimbleness as he performed the Ardha dance at a celebratory welcome performance by a Qatari folklore band. 

At 80 years old, King Salman was jovial as ever, smiling as he raised his hand and walking stick in time with the music.

Although this isn't the first time the king has performed the traditional dance publicly, his energy during the solo performance wowed the crowds in attendance and viewers online.

King Salman was in Qatar as part of a regional tour leading up to the annual summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council taking place in Bahrain on Tuesday. The warm reception was hosted by Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani and several Qatari tribal leaders.

Qatar paused to welcome the Saudi king, with Qatari residents lining up along the streets to catch a glimpse of the monarch. People waved Qatari and Saudi flags, symbolizing the two countries close ties. The festivities were broadcast on live television as well.

King Salman and Emir Tamim discussed already close bilateral ties and ways to work together to achieve both countries' ambitious 2030 visions.