Source: Instagram

Last month, media reports had us all believing that Rihanna and her Saudi billionaire boyfriend split up ... but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Rihanna and Hassan Jameel were spotted in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on Friday ... and images of the "couple" have since gone viral.

The Barbadian singer can be seen arguing intensely with the Saudi businessman, repeatedly pointing her finger at Jameel.

In turn, the 29-year-old businessman can be seen pulling his arm towards his chest, suggesting the singer had been accusing him of something.

Naturally, the photo was turned into one big meme on Twitter.

"It's true you're my girlfriend, but I have not promised you anything"

"ME? I said I'm going to marry you??!?"

"I told you my parents are forcing me to marry my cousin"

RIHANNA: "Don't wallah me"

Apologies ensued?

"I love you, but I am going to have to continue my studies before marrying you"

On having children

Fangirling taken to another level, maybe?

"I'm just the messenger"

WARNING: Don't even think of arguing with Riri


"Do I need to repeat myself again?"

On a serious note, are Rihanna and Hassan Jameel OK?