Rumor has it that Rihanna has broken up with Hassan Jameel, her billionaire Saudi boyfriend.

According to the latest report on the couple's relationship, which was published by Media TakeOut News, the Barbadian superstar allegedly called off the relationship because she "gets tired of men." 

Speaking to MTO news, a source close to the star shared details of the alleged breakup. 

"Rihanna and him were together for a while it was a good relationship, but now it's over," the source said. 

They also added that the reason behind the end of the relationship was that the star "just got tired" of the Saudi billionaire. 

"She gets tired of men sometimes," the anonymous insider explained. 

The unconfirmed news is now breaking the internet

Despite the fact that news of the breakup remains unconfirmed given that both Rihanna and the Saudi businessman have yet to issue any official statement on the matter, it's still breaking the internet. 

And this certainly isn't the first time the couple sent people into an online frenzy. 

Ever since they started dating last year, the songstress and her bae have been making one headline after the other and going viral all over social media. 

The alleged breakup is now sending people into a meltdown

Fans really hope the news isn't true

Others just don't believe the allegations

Not even one bit

Many are coming up with conspiracy theories

Others are reacting to the entire thing with humor

"Ya'll think this break up rumor finally gone get Rihanna to show off Hassan?"

Saudi tweeps are also hilariously weighing in on the news

"Thanks to our homeboy for pushing her to the edge. Typical"

The social media frenzy continues, at least until the rumors are put to an end