On Monday, Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Labor and Social Development said it will deport an expat who entered a women-only waiting area at a fitness center.

The decision came after one of the women waiting for a job interview at the center posted a photo of the man on Snapchat, claiming he had arrogantly treated women waiting for their interviews. 

The image was then uploaded to Twitter, by a tweep known as Lamo, who explained that the women were shocked when the man entered the waiting room designated to them because the job they applied to was in a women-only gym.

In their statement on the matter, ministry officials said that after investigating the matter, they were able to confirm that the health club had violated the kingdom's rules. 

They have since shut down the club and also passed the decision to "punish and deport the expat man."

The ministry's decision comes after Lamo's post went viral...

It had sparked outrage on Saudi Twitter earlier...

Some had criticized the fact that an expat was handling the interviews. 

Many were upset over the fact that he walked into a women-only gym, while others were left angered by the fact that he entered the area designated for women wearing an "inappropriate" outfit. 

Saudis were completely outraged by the incident...

"A women-only gym, why did men go in and they're also expats! They don't care about anything by using us for financial, moral and... other gains." 

"It's shameful that this is happening in our society"

Many were upset that the man was wearing shorts...

"I think shorts reflect ill-manners, it's disrespectful to wear them." 

"He had no right to do this"

"I go to a mix-gender gym and those who enroll there know that it's attended by both men and women beforehand. But in this case, it's a women-only space, so how did a man go in and completely disregard the rules?"

"These expats and everyone responsible for this health club must be referred to public prosecution"

Many were relieved to hear authorities have since taken action

"This is great news. Everyone must respect nationals of this country." 

Not everyone thought the man was in the wrong though...

"If he were Saudi you wouldn't have taken his picture... a regressed, racist population. You made people hate us, no humanity or feelings." 

Others thought the decision to deport him is unfair

"Regardless of his nationality, it's unfair for him to be deported over wearing shorts. He was in a gym, what he was wearing was normal. May God help him."