It's safe to say that Mohamed Salah is the most popular Arab footballer at the moment.

The fact that his photos go viral moments after being posted is proof. Salah has became a source of inspiration for meme addicts ... and a conversation starter among people.

His latest photo, in which he can be seen lying on his stomach while playing with his cat, has gone completely viral, amassing over 7,000 re-tweets at the time of writing.

No caption needed?

People definitely had questions ...

And were quite insistent with their theories

"You just wanted to show us your Calvin Klein"

"Nice marketing strategy"

"Calvin Klein model?"

"Boxer advertisement for Calvin Klein"

Many had other things on their mind ...

"Good taste in cats"

Some were quite jealous of the cat ... because how can we not?

"Just say mashallah and keep scrolling"



"That beautiful shoulder"

When you make a decision to stay away from Arab men, but ...