It's safe to say that Mohamed Salah is the most popular Arab footballer at the moment.

To confirm this, we looked at one metric that defines one's popularity in 2018: memes.

The Egyptian footballer has been a source of inspiration to the meme universe. 

Here are nine times people turned Mo Salah into a meme ... and made us LOL:

1. "The three wonders of Egypt"


2. Not all heroes wear capes

3. Multiple choice exams be like

4. "There are three certainties in life"

5. On multitasking skills

Source: Pinterest

6. On the real #FootballBae

7. On being Muslim

Source: 9gag

8. Who wants some Chicken Tikka M..Salah?

Source: 9gag

9. "The last surviving Pharaoh of Egypt"

Source: GiveMeSport