It's safe to say that Mohamed Salah is the most popular Arab football player at the moment. 

After becoming Premier League's top goal scorer and being named "African Footballer of the Year" by BBC, this Egyptian even had a chant created after him. 

While he may have millions of fans all over the world, here are a few who went over the top to show their loyalty and admiration for him.

1. The time this boy sang his heart out

2. The time he was compared to a historic figure

"Mohamed Salah El Din Al Ayoubi after taking over Russia takes over Britain."

3. The time his national anthem went viral

4. The time a hairdresser gave a loyal fan an unforgettable haircut

5. The time someone converted to Islam because of Salah

6. The time he got a shout-out from Muslim scholar Dr. Aid Al Qarni

7. The time this fan mastered her art

8. The time former footballer Michael Owen doubted himself

9. The time this boy called him a king in his homework

10. The time his face made it to this mural in Cairo