Now that the World Cup is over, Egyptian footballer, Mohamed Salah, decided to get away from all the madness with a vacation in the Maldives. 

The Liverpool star spent his time at the luxurious Hurawalhi resort with his wife and daughter ... and a coconut. 

It all started with this photo

A few days later, Salah posted a photo with a coconut drink ... AGAIN

It looks like the coconut became his best friend

The photos went viral, garnering millions of likes on Instagram. 

Naturally, people on social media couldn't help but add a bit of their own commentary ... with a side of humor. 

1. "Find you someone that treats you the way Mohamed Salah treats his coconut"

2. "And can you serve that in a coconut?" - Mo Salah

3. Can you name a more iconic duo?

4. "Salah exited the 'son' zone ... and entered the 'daddy' zone"

5. "Mo Salah trying to find players better than him"

6. Is that coconut "Wilson" from Castaway in disguise?

7. "Would it be wrong to make this my wallpaper?"

8. "Mohamed Salah is vacationing on your desktop wallpaper"

9. Desktop vibes be like

"Couldn't you find another desktop background to use and photoshop yourself onto?" 

10. 50 Shades of Blue > 50 Shades of Grey

11. People began photoshopping their own photos with Salah

12. Kisses were blown

13. Valid questions were raised

14. People couldn't believe the emptiness surrounding the sea

15. Mo Salah fans in a nutshell: