From cracking jokes amid a national crisis to making political statements through hashtags, Lebanese Twitter never fails to impress. 

This time, people are sharing the most Lebanese thing they've ever done, and the results are hilariously on-point.

It all started when Twitter user @crystalbluElias asked people to "quote tweet the most Lebanese thing you ever did," and little did we know how relatable the responses would be.

1. Oversharing is our middle name

2. McDonald's may do it for others ... but not us

3. We take pride in our plane rituals

4. Rebellion is in our genes

5. Bezer addictions are nothing new

6. Simple food? No, we like the "khabsa"

7. Labneh sandwiches: whenever, wherever

8. Pita bread to cure homesickness

9. We have our own set of traffic rules

10. And get pissed when someone breaks "our rules"