Famous Egyptian singer Sherine Abdelwahab has stirred controversy in recent months, but she's now proven just how badass she really is.

During her concert in Sweden, alongside Egyptian singer Tamer Hosny, Abdelwahab kicked a security guard for attempting to restrict a fan from taking a photo with her. 

A video, shot by a member of the audience, shows the singer kicking and pushing the guard away before inviting a fan for a selfie on stage.

The girl then gave the Egyptian singer a kiss on the cheek before getting off stage. 

The video of the aggressive encounter has been making the rounds on social media and has been drawing mixed reactions from users.

Some praised Abdelwahab for taking a stand

And complimented the kick

Others did not react so positively

"I hope the security guard sues the singer"

Others came out with sexist advice

Source: Instagram

"The guard is protecting you and you are hitting him. When will you learn to positively represent your country? It's not even feminine behavior." 

"It's a shame that she's kicking a man who is protecting her"

Watch the video below:

Not the first time the singer stirs controversy

In November, the Egyptian Musicians Syndicate banned Abdelwahab from performing in her native country. 

According to a statement released at the time, the Syndicate called for her immediate interrogation on the backdrop of a video showing the singer "mocking Egypt," after a fan asked her to sing "Mashrebtesh min Nelha" (Have you ever drank the water of the Nile).

In the video, Sherine said: "I would catch Bilharzia ... better drink Evian instead."

In a series of tweets, Sherine apologized amid the intense backlash.