We’ve already gone over all the detrimental ways Arab moms raise their sons, but they’re also not free from sin when it comes to the decisions they make while raising their daughters. 

Often times, Arab women don’t take a moment to sit back and think about the negative impact their own moms’ mistakes had on them... so they end up recycling and repeating them without hesitation. 

While there isn’t a custom-made guideline you can follow to be a perfect parent, there are certainly some lessons we can all learn from what we know has and hasn't worked throughout the years.

1. They limit their ambitions

Directly and indirectly, Arab moms are part of a large chain of influencers who maintain the idea that a girl’s interests should be limited to Barbie dolls and pink dresses. 

When they grow up, these girls are persuaded to choose from non-STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) majors... and receive heavy criticism if they do otherwise. 

A young girl’s dreams and ambitions, like becoming an astronaut or a coder, are taken lightly and pushed to the side, while those same goals are encouraged and applauded with boys.

2. They link happiness and freedom to marriage

Arguably the most common behavior in all Arab moms, they are notorious for making marriage seem like heaven on earth where you can do everything you’ve always wanted. 

Those affirmations set young girls up for inevitable disappointment when they eventually do get married and realize it wasn’t the answer all along.

3. They obsess over their daughters’ looks

Sure, grades matter, but not as much as being a size zero or leaving the house with perfectly groomed hairstyles. Arab moms love to brag when it comes to their sons’ Ph.D. and their daughters’ long list of “3ersen” lining up at the door. 

Many teenagers develop fatal eating disorders as a result of their moms' counting their every calorie, sending the message that they’re not good enough no matter what they do.

4. They team up against the father

While this behavior may not be so common, some Arab moms are perfectly okay with being their daughters’ BFF while leaving the dads on the margin. 

The mom, of course, is the one parent who listens, understands, and sneaks you out without your father’s permission, while the husband remains casted as a negative, unnoticed figure in the shadows. 

Over time, the father-daughter relationship deteriorates, possibly leaving the daughter with trust and mental health issues.