In the world of emojis, the representation of Arabs remains quite low. 

However, it looks like Unicode Consortium wants to change that. Recently, it announced a new list of emojis including a win for all us Arabs: The pinched fingers icon. 

We'll soon be able to vent our frustrations using the "just wait and see what'll happen to you" emoji. 

The excitement got us imagining all the other emojis that we still desperately need in the region and the list is practically endless. Although there have been attempts to create localized emojis in recent years, integrating them isn't as convenient as in-app icons. 

So let's hope Unicode Consortium takes a hint and unrolls a few of our must-haves: 

1. Where's that dabke emoji at?

Arab dabke skills are legit so it's only fit we get an emoji to represent them. 

And no, the dancing lady emoji isn't enough ... we refuse to have it represent our traditional hand-in-hand, bending knees like there's no tomorrow dabke.

2. A shawarma emoji is a need

This icon truly deserves an emoji. 

3. So is a real shebsheb emoji

Nope, a flip flop won't do it, we want the real Arab mom sandals which are typically made of a hard wood base and a plastic strap. 

4. Not to forget the zaghrouta (ululation)

Yep, it's about time we get an emoji for the vocalization Shakira recently attempted during her Super Bowl performance. 

5. We demand an Arabic coffee emoji

Because it's an integral part of our culture ... and is visually appealing.

6. A shatafa emoji is sure to come in handy

Especially when we're traveling and we need to tell everyone back home about the struggle of life without one. 

7. Tabl emoji for the win

Or else how are we going to celebrate all our occasions?

8. Life is not complete without a "fighting over the bill" emoji

Q: What are those Arabs going on about over at that table? 

A: Enter emoji. 

9. And what about a shisha emoji? This one would go international

See? Even Drake regularly smokes his dose of shisha.

10. Pita bread, wara2 3enab and pretty much all iconic Arab food

Tabbouleh, sambousek, kabsa, mansaf ... you name it, we want it.