This week, a new emoji update was released, with 69 new individual symbols, including a hijabi.  

The update is pretty awesome, but it just got us thinking about all the 'Arab things' we wish there was an emoji for.  

Although there have been several attempts to create more localized emojis with the launch of ArabMojis and Halla Walla Emojis - their integration into WhatsApp conversations is not as convenient as the in-app emojis supported by vendors. 

We just wish the next update will include these ones ... because we desperately need them! 

1. Where is the hummus & pita bread platter? Really

2. Your mother needs a "tayeb ... just wait and see" emoji

3. Zalghouta ... because there's nothing that expresses a celebratory moment better!

4. What about when you're craving koshari, tabbouleh, kabsah, maqlouba? These emojis need to become a reality ASAP

5. Where's the 'bizir' emoji for those late night binges?

6. The dancing emoji does not do DABKE justice. We need a dabke one. We need one now.

7. How can you tell people you're 'argiling' if there's no emoji?!?