As Arabs, we've waited a long time for an emoji we can use to vent our frustrations. Now, we can finally say we're getting one ... a really good one.

Last week, Unicode Consortium announced an Emoji 13.0 list featuring 117 emojis ... including one we all desperately need: The pinched fingers emoji. 

According to Emojipedia, the pursed finger icon is inspired by an Italian gesture called "ma che vuoi" (finger purse) but we beg to differ. To us, when the fingers and thumb come together, it usually signals a sinister threat that basically translates into "just wait and see what'll happen to you." 

We've all been raised to understand this code so we know our moms and dads are going to enjoy this emoji more than we'd like them to. Little do they know we'll be making use of it too. 

The "tayeb... ana bafarjeek" emoji has been on our wish lists for a while

Italian emoji? Think again

Because this emoji was made for Arabs

It serves multiple purposes in the region

"This is the Arab 'Just wait till we get home' Emoji"

It can also be used for this

Arab moms are doing a collective happy dance

One emoji away from endless mom threats

Mabrook to us all!!

This year's new emojis at a glance

The 117 new emojis include gender-neutral persons in tuxedo and veil. 

It also features an array of new food and drink icons including bubble tea, olives, and fondue. New animal and insect emojis will also be part of the annual update.