Shakira literally brought down the house with a jaw-dropping halftime performance at the Super Bowl - the U.S.' biggest American football game - in Miami on Sunday.

The Arab-Latina hybrid's six minutes on stage featured several tributes to her Lebanese roots including an attempt at a zaghrouta/zalghouta (ululation). 

Arabs and people of several other cultures all around the world use the vocalization to express joy and happiness at weddings and celebrations. 

However, it turns out the art of ululation isn't too well-known to Western audiences who spotted Shakira's act and didn't quite understand what she was doing. 

People's confusion quickly turned into memes inspired by the two-second clip that many didn't realize featured a zaghrouta. 

Luckily, Arabs were all there to clear things up. They also created their very own relatable memes. 

Now, Shakira's zaghrouta could've been better but we're still excited that millions around the world are now acquainted with this part of our culture. 

Thanks to Shakira, the zaghrouta trended worldwide

But not everyone knew what it was

The confusion hit hard

Memes like this started circulating

People had yet to realize the zaghrouta in this

But Arabs were there to save the day

Enter Arab humor and memes

"Me at weddings tryna zaghrouta"

"Siri, how do I explain a zaghroota to white people?"

Summing up the situation on Twitter right now

Let's just hope this doesn't happen, though

Shakira's Lebanese roots were on full display during her performance

Ululating wasn't the only tribute the star paid to her roots while on stage. She also performed a rope and belly dance to her famous 1998 hit song  Ojos Asi.  

Shakira, full name Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, was born in Barranquilla, Colombia. Her Lebanese paternal grandparents moved from Lebanon to the U.S., New York City specifically, where her father was born. The latter immigrated to Colombia at the age of 5.

The international star's name is Arabic for "thankful" or "full of grace." 

In 2018, the singer was applauded by her Arab fanbase for reportedly canceling a show she was scheduled to perform in Israel, though no Israeli production company officially confirmed said concert.