Muslim YouTuber Dina Torkia - also known as Dina Tokio - is no longer wearing the hijab full-timebut her personal choice has summoned the self-proclaimed halal police.

Since removing the veil, the British-Egyptian star has received plenty of hate comments on her posts, with many insulting her decision. Instead of responding to the offensive messages, Torkia decided to read some of them out in a 47-minute YouTube video posted on Tuesday. 

Titled "The Bad, the Worse and the Ugly," the video sparked an intense discussion about cyber-bullying within the Muslim community, amassing 334,000 views at the time of writing.

This isn't the first time Torkia powerfully hits back at internet trolls who have directed insults at her. But, her response to the inexplicable backlash over the removal of the hijab has caught everyone's attention. 

Some of the comments she read out included profanities and attacks against her husband and two children. 

Though a few people continued to attack the star under the recent upload, many others stood up for her and sent out their support.

A few people still had hateful comments to send out

But, the majority of those who watched the video were left shocked

Some couldn't even finish watching it

"Y’all really kid yourselves into thinking a piece of fabric is the only thing that makes a woman muslim"

"Dina Tokio's new video just exposes how hypocritical and toxic the haram police is"

Many pointed out the irony

"How you gonna preach the values of Islam while contradicting them?"

"More needs to be done from social media platforms to stop bullies like this"

"To those who wrote this garbage"

Watch Torkia's full video below: