Dubai's crown prince Sheikh Hamdan has a lot going for him, and hanging out with other royals is just one of them. It seems as though he's pretty popular among footballers, too.

On Wednesday, the crown prince took a selfie with Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo ... so casually. He even called the Juventus player a "great player ... and a greater friend."

Sheikh Hamdan, also known as Fazza, seems to be a big fan of Ronaldo, like many in the Arab world. 

Ronaldo has been in the UAE for a few days, and is set to appear at the Globe Soccer Awards at Madinat Jumeirah on Thursday. The Juventus striker has been nominated for the Best Player Award.

Ronaldo posted a different photo from a different angle

Ronaldo shared another photo on his Instagram account, captioning it: "Great time with Fazza."

Ronaldo has been enjoying his time in Dubai and celebrated New Year's Eve with his family in pure style.


And lots and lots of other people

But, there was a bit of romance going on before NYE