Over the weekend, Kuwaiti celebrity couple Aqeel Al Raisi and Farah Al Hady posted photos and videos of a huge wedding party in celebration of their first year as a married couple.

Yes, you read that right. 

The social media stars told their followers they decided to have a "second wedding" because they didn't like their first one that much.

Soon after their posts went viral, the cringe-worthiness of the entire event sparked a hilarious meltdown.

Though some of the couple's fans praised photos and videos of the wedding, the majority of people tweeting out through a viral hashtag related to the event couldn't even with it. 

A few people had positive things to say about the wedding

Everyone else was pretty much fed up

"May God give me patience." 

Many hilariously trolled the entire thing

"If you order Cinderella from a local grocery store."

And just couldn't believe what they were seeing

"How is it a wedding when there aren't any guests?"

Someone had to troll the upside-down cake

Some made memes out of this celebration

But really, who could blame them?

"When the wrong kind of people get rich."

This thing was just too funny

"They held their wedding in an elevator button?"

PUBG references had to be made

"The zone cornered her."

Some were just too fed up with this couple

"Farah and Aqeel's dance/Farah and Aqeel's wedding/Farah and Aqeel send out a gift/Farah's dress.

Me: ... "

"Why don't you just cut off the internet in Kuwait?"

"What everyone needs to leave in 2018"