In recent weeks, videos posted by British-Egyptian YouTuber Dina Torkia have been going viral on the platform. 

While trending Youtube videos do bring their publishers more exposure and popularity, they also result in them receiving hate-filled, sometimes even racist comments.  

This is why Torkia decided to hit back. 

In a video titled "Reading Terrorist Comments," the social media star reads out comments that label her a terrorist, others that insult her for being Muslim, and a few that call her hijab a "symbol of oppression." 

Her responses are savage. 

A few comments left Dina speechless

But she still had right-on-point reactions to so many others

Like this:

Responding to this comment with... "Islam is not a race you idiot"

"We, the people who wear it, never said this was an oppressive piece of clothing"

"I don't care what anybody says, my religion does teach peace, and unfortunately, there are idiot people who abuse that"

People loved Dina's responses

"Probably the best video I've seen all week!"

"Absolutely hilarious"

And well said

"Your sense of humor gives me life"

You go girl

Dina obviously won this round...

Watch the full video here: