Saudis are known for their humor and all the hilarious hashtags they launch on Twitter. 

The latest one to go viral on the platform asked people in the country to choose between marriage and money. 

And as usual, they were all there for it, tweeting out pretty funny responses. 

It all started when this hashtag trended on Saudi Twitter over the weekend

"If you were asked to choose between money and marriage."

Many chose money right away

And couldn't even with the question

"Come on, is there even a comparison? Of course, money and dirhams."

Because ...

"Money of course. What would I need a man for?"

"Gimme dat money"

Even those who did choose marriage, it was under one condition

"Of course marriage... but to a rich woman." 

"We tried marriage, there's nothing good about it"

"We want to try money now." 

Yep, it's a pretty vicious "this or that" question

"If money arrives, so does marriage. If marriage arrives, money leaves." 

Some people had it all figured out

"Money... once I have it, I get married."

"Can you even get married without money?"

Some people want to try that out

Others were just confused over everything

When in doubt, always go with ...

"Vine leaves."

"OK this question is hard so I'll choose food"