A recent statement made by Saudi Arabia's Anti-Drug Authority stating that "hashish" (cannabis) jokes promote the use of drugs is sending people on social media into a meltdown of the sorts. 

The remark was made by an official of the authority during an event held at Jeddah's International Book Fair, which is currently taking place in the city. 

While this certainly isn't the first time the authority makes such a statement, this time, Saudi tweeps were there for it.

Their reactions? Nothing short of hilarious. 

It all started when this anti-drug authority statement went viral

"Anti-Drug Authority: Sharing 'hashish" jokes on social media networks is considered a form of promotion for drug-use." 

Sending everyone into a frenzy

"Are they serious?"

Some tweeps were left quite upset

"Even laughter is going to count as a crime now? It's our right to laugh." 

"If this is how they think of it, then 75 percent of our population are drug-use promoters"

Many turned to sarcasm

Others trolled the statement by sharing 'hashish' jokes

Everyone just couldn't even...

Trolling taken to new levels...

"It's fine, just share the same joke but write it out like this: Once there was a person who WAS NOT high... etc." 

Tweeps just wouldn't stop

"They say there was a high person... just kidding."

Some polled people on the matter...

Others summed it all up

"Just let people have fun."