Over the weekend, police in Saudi Arabia's Riyadh arrested the organizers of a private Halloween party, Sabq news reported

This came after residents in Al Thamama neighborhood complained of loud music and firework crackling from a nearby residence in the late hours of the night. 

According to local news sources, officers raided the location and arrested party-goers who were celebrating Halloween. 

Authorities said the party violated the kingdom's rules

In an official statement on the matter, the kingdom's General Security explained why the arrests were made. 

"Riyadh police responded to reports on loud noises late on Saturday in Al Thamama neighborhood. They arrested all those involved in organizing a party held in the area, because they had sold tickets for the unlicensed event, bothered neighbors and scared them by wearing bizarre outfits and masks," the statement read

Local news sources also reported that the case has now been referred to the country's legal authorities. 

Videos from inside the event have since gone viral on social media

The news of the arrests circulated online soon after, and resulted in a trending hashtag titled "Riyadh's Halloween" on Saudi Twitter. 

Using the hashtag, hundreds have been weighing in on the matter. While some were completely against those who organized the party, many defended them. 

Here's a little of what people had to say: 

Some Saudis were shocked by the viral Halloween party

"Is this Riyadh or Las Vegas?"

To say the least

Others were angered by it

"There are so many questions in regards to this Halloween party. Who are the people behind this event? Will they be punished and publicly shamed?! How were they able to plan and advertise this without authorities finding out?!"

A few thought this was the reason why it didn't rain in the city

"And I was thinking about why we didn't get rain."

Not everyone was against the event though

Many raised this point

"Shame on those who filmed the event and disrespected people's privacy! People celebrating something, it's not your job to decide whether that's right or wrong, you're not God."

Some had nothing but positive things to say about the party

"Their costumes are amazing."

Others were only upset about this one thing

"Why didn't you invite me?"