If there is one thing Twitter users excel at, it's adding a humorous twist to pretty much everything and creating memes that are as hilarious as they are relatable. It is truly a blessing if you ask me.

So, when superstar Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah shared a random tweet on his official account last week, tweeps were quick to poke fun at it and transform it into a funny topic of conversation.

It all started with this tweet

According to UNILAD Football, the tweet came soon after the Premier League's Goal Accreditation Panel certified Harry Kane's controversial second goal versus Stoke City.

However, if you read Salah's tweet, regardless of the context, you will probably find that his reaction works perfectly for a long list of daily life situations.

Here are 12 funny jokes created from Salah's tweet:

1. On daily disappointments...

2. And the *more* heartbreaking ones

3. On so-called friends

4. On online courtesy ... and the lack thereof

5. On unrequited crushes

6. On calling other guys "habibi"

7. On halal word plays

8. On oh-so-original Ramadan questions

9. On women's mind games

10. On life's little pleasures

11. On being personally victimized by an exam

12. On tuning out of a conversation

Yup, Mo Salah wins over the internet even when he's barely trying to!