When it comes to marriage, many Arab men have some ridiculous expectations from their future wives.

They mistake a wife for a nanny, chef, and a housekeeper who dedicates all of her time to showering her husband with love and affection. 

After all, he is her first and only lover, duh...

Well, Arab women are fed up with these unrealistic standards. And what do the women of the internet resort to when they want to make a point? Humor - the savage kind, of course.

This Twitter user had an epic take on men's expectations

Late last week, Twitter user @sasha123d posted an Arabic tweet criticizing men who seek younger wives because they consider them easier to influence.

The tweet translates to, "Mother, find me a young bride so I can raise her myself."

The tweet featured a photo of a dog photo-shopped into a white robe and the ghutrah, the traditional attire worn by men in Gulf countries.

The tweet has won over the internet, amassing over 4,000 retweets on the social media platform, with hilarious responses pouring in:

Women followed suit with similar tweets

"I want her to be tall and light-skinned, doesn't like to go out, to cook for me and ditch her education so she can dedicate all her time to me."

Arab women know hypocrisy and double standards all too well...

"I want her to be obedient, memorize the Qur'an, and wear the niqab."

Let alone men's paranoia about their partners' romantic history

"Mother, she's too bold. She clearly knew (has been involved with) guys before me."

Pettiness level:

"She's taking care of her kids and neglecting me."

"I want her period to last three days"

"I want her to be an employee, her period to last three days, and I want her to obey me."

Some men joined the party

"Mother, the most important thing is that she is curvy and has big breasts."

While others turned the tables

"I want him to be good-looking and tall, preferably resembling the kleicha seller."

People are cracking up

"Dogs don’t deserve to be treated like this"

Arab women FTW!