Weddings are supposed to be one of the happiest days of a couple's life, but that wasn't exactly the case for an Egyptian groom and his newlywed bride.

Just moments after their wedding party wrapped up, the couple got into a car to head home. The bride's parents then approached the vehicle and asked to have a moment with their daughter before she left for her honeymoon, Al Watan newspaper reported.

That's when the groom completely flipped out, started screaming at them, and told them they didn't need to bid their daughter farewell because they had already spent all night with her.

The bride's uncle tried to intervene and help calm the man down, but that didn't work.

"The groom got out of the car and threw a fit"

According to one of the wedding guests, the groom got out of the car, threw a fit, and swore he was going to divorce his wife.

"I swear on divorce, I am never getting in a car with her again and I am not entering our apartment tonight," he said.

Just moments later, a huge fight ensued outside the wedding hall, with members of both the couple's families throwing chairs and metal objects at each other. Five people were injured in the wedding brawl.

A source told Al Watan that the bride then headed to her marital home but her husband refused to go with her.

He went back to his family home and remains adamant about filing for an official divorce.

The bizarre wedding fight is all over Arab social media

People just can't with the groom's actions

"You swore to divorce her and stopped her from talking to her mom even though you still hadn't reached your marital home?!"

"Are these the actions of adults?"

Many are happy the bride is getting rid of him

"Good riddance... this divorce will be something she's always proud of."

"Such a silly argument and it ends up in divorce!"

"This man is sick"

"He has psychological problems, it's good this happened so early in the marriage. He's unfit for it and needs to be sent to a hospital for treatment." 

"Regression on another level"

"Reasons for divorce are becoming so silly"

Not the first time an Arab wedding celebration ends on a sad note

Earlier this year, a UAE-based bride walked out of her own wedding after her husband surprised her by entering the party with a second wife.

At the time, the wedding planner shared details of the bizarre incident, adding that the groom planned the surprise to get back at his bride because he thought she was stubborn.

After leaving the wedding, the woman immediately filed for divorce.