In the Arab world, it isn't uncommon for anyone to come across translation fails all over the place. 

Things weren't so different earlier this week, when a mistranslated sign for women's footwear resurfaced on Kuwaiti Twitter. 

In it, "Ladies slipper" is translated into an Arabic phrase that reads "Women are slippers."

It remains unclear where the banner was originally spotted and even though this isn't the first time it circulates online, it has now gone viral in Kuwait, sparking a hilarious meltdown among tweeps. 

It all started when this sign started making the rounds on Kuwaiti Twitter

No one could even

It's not like the English wording was perfect

"The original phrase is all wrong." 

"I wish I spotted this sign... I would've destroyed the entire display"

Turns out this wasn't the only similar sign people came across

"Another mistranslation." 

"The meaning of equality"

The sign led people to share mistranslations they've come across

"They should shut down this translator's store"

And they were endless