A mother of three murdered two of her own daughters after throwing them off a seventh floor balcony in Saudi Arabia's Jeddah earlier this week, Twasul news site reported

The woman also attempted to murder her third daughter, but she survived the fall. She is now being hospitalized for serious injuries. 

Speaking to local news outlets, a source said the two girls who died at the scene were aged 5 and 8-years-old, while their surviving sister, now identified as Touleen, is 7-years-old.

Just minutes after they were thrown down, shocked neighbors and passersby called authorities and paramedics to the scene. 

The mother was detained by police shortly after the crime was reported. She has been investigated by police and referred to a mental status examination.

The woman's brother-in-law has since spoken out

In a statement he made on Tuesday, the woman's brother-in-law spoke out about the incident, refuting rumors stating that marital problems led to the crime.

"I was shocked by the crime and I don't know what led the girls' mother to horrifically murder them," he said. 

The man also explained that nothing could have indicated that his brother's wife was capable of murdering her own children. 

"My brother and his wife were recently on holiday abroad, they led a normal, stable life," he added. 

News of the horrific murder shocked Saudis

"Oh God"

"Pain, just pain"

Many just couldn't even with the brutality of this crime

"People have become monstrous, news is getting worse by the day." 

No one could believe it

"Did anyone see her throw them? Is it even possible for a mother to do this to her own children? Impossible." 

Some thought the woman must have been suffering from a mental illness

"No mother would do something like this except if there were circumstances that led her to involuntarily commit such a crime. Pray for these children, for their mother and father." 

"The biggest mistake is that people try to hide mental illness instead of asking for help"

"She should've at least told a family member if she was going through any issues."