On Sunday, Maya Reaidy beat out 30 other contestants when she was crowned Miss Lebanon 2018.  

The competition - organized by former pageant winner Rima Fakih (Miss USA 2010) - witnessed the participation of a number of famed artists including American hip-hop artist French Montana and Canadian-Lebanese pop singer Massari.

As is the case every year, Lebanese Twitter exploded with a deluge of jokes.

For those who missed the live airing of the competition, these hilarious tweets pretty much sum it up. 

1. Beauty pageant or comedy show?

2. MTV broadcasted the show, previously aired by LBC, and spoon-fed it to viewers

3. On MTV "training" contestants prior to the competition

4. MTV vs. LBC be like:

5. MTV ... MTV ... MTV ... times 300

6. Jokes from Miss Lebanon 2017 carried onto 2018

7. Miss Lebanon games were played

8. Valid statements had to be shared

9. Rima Fakih's headdress got quite the attention

10. Brought to you by ... Jack Sparrow?

11. Or Saad Hariri?

12. Miss Lebanon vs. Mister Lebanon

13. When Beirut was referred to as "the city of lights"

14. Former beauty pageant winner, Nadine Njeim, marked her presence with distinctive facial expressions

15. Was the entire competition inspired by the letter "M"?