Candidates in the running for Miss Lebanon 2018 have officially been announced, and 30 women from different parts of Lebanon are set to compete for the crown.

The event is set to take place on Sept. 30 ... but the commentary has already started. 

As soon as Miss Lebanon released photos of the contestants, a deluge of commentary on social media followed. 

Why do all the contestants look alike?

People couldn't help but notice the resemblance ...

"Miss Lebanon Instagram page looks like the selfie gallery of one girl"

"A copy of a copy of a copy of a copy"

Twins? Or Photoshop?

When your mother says "khede ekhtik ma3ek"

Some noticed other details ...

Others pointed out that the contestants' official photos are the problem

"Un-edited pictures are gorgeous"

Some took the matter into their own hands

Exhibit #1:

Exhibit #2:

Exhibit #3:

See full thread here.

"It's the damn Photoshop that makes them look alike"