A concert by late Egyptian music icon Umm Kulthum is set to be brought back to life in Saudi Arabia in a display that'll feature hologram technology.

Even though details on when and where the event will be held remain unconfirmed, a video advertising it went viral all over the kingdom's Twitter over the weekend.

Because the clip was sent out under the hashtag "Umm Kulthum in Saudi Arabia," some took things a bit too literal, hilariously reacting to the trend. 

Here's how it all went down:

It all started when this video and hashtag went viral

People were quite confused

Others were "terrified"

Because they understood the hashtag just as it was written

"And all my life I was praying for her, thinking she was dead." 

"There are so many things you'll see in Saudi Arabia that you'll never see anywhere else"

Thousands reacted to the hashtag with humor

"While she walks out of the grave to come visit us." 

And memes

That were just too funny

"Our entertainment authority hosts everyone, even the dead." 

"When are you inviting Abdel Halim Hafez?"

Some eventually figured things out

But it was a bit too late

"This is a new technology and it's great but you should know how to advertise it, what's this 'Om Kolthoum in Saudi Arabia,' you scared us." 

Others are just super excited for the event

"The idea alone is breathtaking."