It's 2018 and yet sexist debates continue to pop up on Arab Twitter. 

The latest one to go viral on the platform saw people in Kuwait and other Gulf countries debate whether it's acceptable for male coaches to train women at gyms.

The issue was put up for discussion by Kuwaiti Twitter news page Al Majlliss, whose admins posted a video of a male instructor guiding a woman through a gym training session.

The footage then went viral, leading hundreds to weigh in on the matter. 

It all started with this tweet

In their reactions to the matter, many said they stood completely against women being trained by male personal trainers because it's haram (unacceptable in Islam) and goes against Khaeeji values and traditions. 

However, not everyone held the same point of view as there were many who thought it was absurd to even debate the issue. 

Many are against mixed-gender training sessions

"I think there are female trainers, so why go for mixed-gender sessions?!! I am against women and men working out at the same gym." 

Some said it is unacceptable in Islam

"Of course it's wrong and also unacceptable in Islam." 


"Honestly, neither our values nor our traditions taught us to act like this"

"Even if it exists, a woman who does it is shameless and doesn't care about her or her family's reputation." 

Not everyone held the same point of view though

"We're in 2018 and you're still talking about these things."

Many thought it's no one's business

"What is it to you? Anything that is mixed-gender annoys you more than all other important issues that affect people in Kuwait. A superficial population." 

"It's up to a woman to decide who she trains with"

"If you disapprove, don't train with a male instructor and that's it. Also if you're against this, don't watch videos of people training." 

Some hit back like this

"You don't like mixed-gender gyms? Don't go. There are male or female only gyms that you can go to. Your job isn't to stalk people and their choices."

"What's shameless about this?"