This week, Britain's royal family revealed that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting their first child ... just months after tying the knot. 

Everybody in the world is talking about the pregnancy announcement, but the celebrations would've taken a completely different turn if Markle were Arab. 

Why? Because having children is considered to be a "life accomplishment" in the Arab world. 

So, we couldn't help but imagine how Markle's pregnancy would have been like if she were Arab:

1. She would've tried to hide her pregnancy to keep the "evil eye" at bay

2. She wouldn't have been able to keep up with the countless "mabrouks" from people she hasn't talked to in over 8 years

3. She would've had to suffer through people's predictions on the baby's sex

4. She would've had to show appreciation to those who were more excited than her over the pregnancy

5. She would've had to buy ear plugs to zone out the sexist "nshalla ykoon sabi" wishes

6. She would've had to endure medical advice from over 100 people (who aren't doctors)

For example, she would've been told not to "eat too much batenjan ... unless she wants an extremely tanned child," and to "drink a lot of milk, if she wants a tall child."

7. She would've heard "yekhze el 3ein, smallah" over her non-existent baby bump