A Saudi man tragically lost his life after his car flipped upside down as he tried to drive through flood waters that hit the kingdom's Qassim governorate. 

According to Akhbaar 24, the incident took place in Boqaya valley, which is located in Qassim's Dariyah area. 

News sources said the man took a risk when he decided to drive through flood waters in the area. However, the powerful water currents turned his vehicle upside down. 

He and six others were stuck in the car for a while before civil defense officers arrived at the scene. 

The man was pulled out alive, but unfortunately succumbed to his injuries

A video allegedly capturing the man's rescue circulated on social media earlier this week. 

In it, civil defense workers can be seen trying to help the victim and other passengers out of the submerged vehicle. 

The man was pulled out of the water alive and was then transferred to a local hospital. However, he later succumbed to injuries he sustained during the accident. 

The kingdom's civil defense warned people against trying to drive in flooded areas

In a tweet posted on their official Twitter page, the kingdom's Department of Civil Defense confirmed news of the rescue that took place in Dariyah.  

Under the upload, officials shared a thread to warn people against trying to drive through flood waters. 

Several Saudi cities have been hit by floods this week

Earlier this week, severe rainstorms hit Saudi Arabia's Abha city, flooding streets, drowning cars, and raising doubts over the country's infrastructure. 

Amid the unstable weather conditions, Asir governorate's Civil Defense used emergency sirens to notify residents of flooding that occurred in several of the region's streets. 

The city's officials also issued warnings to the public, asking them to stay indoors during heavy rainfall and advising them against crossing valleys located in the area.