Saudi authorities took action against a headteacher who punished Mecca school students by confiscating their shoes, Okaz newspaper reported on Sunday.

During the incident, the man ordered a number of pupils to take their footwear off during an early morning line up because he deemed them "inappropriate for school." 

The students spent an entire day barefoot and couldn't find their shoes when it was time to leave campus because the headteacher had discarded them. 

The bizarre punishment led several parents to report the matter to Mecca's Education Authority who immediately launched an investigation into it. 

The city's Education Authority has finalized their report on the matter

In an official statement on the matter, Talal Al Raddadi, the official spokesman for Mecca's Education Authority, said the headteacher's actions were completely out of line. 

"Our authority prohibits such unacceptable behavior. The incident has been dealt with by our department in North Mecca," he said. 

"This headmaster inappropriately disciplined students, thinking this will prevent them from wearing the wrong kind of shoes to school again. All measures have been taken to ensure similar incidents will not take place in the future," he added. 

News of the weird shoe confiscation punishment sent tweeps into a meltdown

Some just couldn't even believe what they read

"So they really couldn't find any other punishment?"

Others were outraged by the incident

"He can punish them in any other way, but he has no right to confiscate their belongings. Their parents aren't spending money on these outfits in order for this man to throw them in the garbage." 

"I think he should be forced to pay for all the shoes he threw away as punishment"

"He's mentally ill, he should be treated before being punished"

Not everyone was upset over the headteacher's actions

"An ordinary punishment, why are you blowing this issue out of proportion?"

A few actually tried to defend them

"He didn't punishment for no major reason." 

Not the first time an unacceptable disciplinary act sparks outrage in Saudi Arabia

This certainly isn't the first time authorities investigate and take action against teachers who abuse their students. 

Earlier this year, officials permanently banned an educator from teaching after a video of him horrifically beating a student went viral. 

At the time, the action against the teacher was announced by Ahmad Balghunaim, head of Al Ihsa'a Education Authority. 

In a statement he made on live television, Balghunaim said the decision came after evidence proved the educator's wrongdoing.