In a bizarre millionaire's "success" story, a Lebanese 52-year-old woman recently passed away and left behind millions of cash. 

Here's the catch: She was reportedly homeless and begged in the streets for a living.

The woman, identified as Fatima Mohammed Othman from the northern Akkar region, was found dead in her car-turned-home with nearly 1.7 billion Lebanese pounds ($1.12 million) to her name, according to Al-ArabiyaPolice confirmed she died from natural causes.

Her family, consisting of her mother and seven siblings, claimed the body on Tuesday and buried her in their hometown.

Speaking to Gulf News, Beirut's Basta residents said Othman had been living on their street for over 20 years, adding she had rented the car she was living in from a man in the neighborhood.

Residents also reported that a man used to pick her up once a month and return her the second day. She used to say he took her to visit a doctor.

According to unverified reports, Othman had lost her hands and feet during the Lebanese Civil War and subsequently suffered repercussions both physically and mentally.

She was found with $3,300 in cash ... and over one million dollars in savings

Othman caught the public's attention after she was reported to have been found with 5 million Lebanese pounds ($3,333) in her car. It was also revealed she had bank accounts with total savings amounting to 1.7 billion Lebanese pounds ($1.12 million.)

Her net worth has caused quite the stir on social media, leaving many people wondering how she managed to save up all that money. 

Here's how people reacted to the news:

Many are responding with sarcasm

"Wanted: A female beggar for marriage, with a minimum 10-year experience."

"This is me after finding out a beggar earned a million dollars through begging"

"The Lebanese youth decided to switch careers"

Everyone has one main concern

"The one question that has been occupying the Lebanese since the morning: Who will inherit the beggar's fortune?"

"It turns out begging is more important than a degree"

"She lived poor and died rich"

Meanwhile, others found people's reaction insensitive

Journalist Ali Iskandarani wrote, "What is happening on social media - disrespecting the dignity of a deceased woman - is unacceptable [...] Why are people cruelly judging the woman?"