An Egyptian judge sentenced a man, who raped and impregnated his own daughter, to death during a court session held on Tuesday, Arab Youm reported

The man, who has now been identified as M. S., was previously arrested in Egypt's Kafar Al Zayat and had confessed to his horrific crime, claiming it was the work of "a devil that overpowered him."

The man's arrest came after his wife found out their 16-year-old daughter was pregnant and reported the incident to authorities as the girl was underage. 

According to news reports, the woman was shocked when investigations revealed her husband was sexually assaulting the couple's own child.  

The man is now on death row...

As police expanded investigations into the case, the teenage victim shared details of her father's crime with prosecutors. 

In her testimony, the girl said her father had raped her several times, resulting in her getting pregnant. No other details were reported on the teenage victim's pregnancy. 

Her convicted father will now be placed on death row, it remains unclear whether he is set to appeal his conviction. 

Not the first case of incestuous sexual assault to be reported in Egypt this year

Unfortunately, this isn't the first shocking case of incestuous sexual assault to be reported in Egypt this year. 

Earlier last week, a similar case was reported in the country's Kafar Al Sheikh, where a man was arrested for raping his own mother.  

The horrific assault reportedly saw the 25-year-old abuser tie up his mother and rape her several times, all while threatening her with a knife. 

Hours after the attack, the 48-year-old victim reported her son, who is a general security officer, to police, who immediately arrested him. 

During investigations, the man confessed his crime and now faces strict legal consequences.